A Depression Era Guide To New Orleans

Original Absinthe House, 1900s

Original Absinthe House, 238 Bourbon St., was erected in 1798, and has served as a place of revelry almost continuously ever since.

Night Life

NEW ORLEANS, traditionally the city that care forgot, offers to lovers of night life an unusual and varied number of night clubs and bars, ranging from the more expensive ones in the better hotels, to the Harlem clubs and honky-tonks of the less select sections of the city. There is to be found entertainment to suit every taste, with a corresponding range of rates.

At the arrival of dawn, disciples of the night turn to the French Market, where society matrons and truck-drivers sit on stools and drink coffee in friendly proximity. Another well-known place for ending the evening is the all-night poor boy stand of the Martin Brothers (2004 St. Claude Ave.), where appetites otherwise insatiable can be appeased for ten cents.

In New Orleans, as elsewhere, clubs and bars move, change names, go out of business, or, from time to time, are closed by the police. This is particularly true of the hotter of the hot spots. The places listed below are those at present in operation (autumn, 1937). For later developments, ask the cab-driver. Telephone for reservations and information concerning minimum and cover charges.

Absinthe House, 1940s

Absinthe House Bar, 400 Bourbon St., has the original marble-topped bar formerly housed at 238 Bourbon St.
(the old Absinthe House) which at one time was famous for its absinthe frappe. The bar is open from 6 A.M. to 3A.M.

French Quarter Clubs and Bars
Autumn 1937

Club Plantation, 942 Conti St., is open from 10 P.M. to 5 A.M. An orchestra furnishes music for dancing,
and floor shows are presented at 2 and at4 A.M. The club was formerly operated by Pete Herman, blind
ex-bantamweight champion (1922); the specialty is Planter's Punch.

Dog House, 300 North Rampart St., is open from 9 P.M. until 4 A.M. Both jazz orchestra and floor show are colored, and three performances are given nightly, 11 P.M., 1.30 and 3 A.M. A high-class place, says the proprietor, for middle class people, and one where they can have freedom of body and soul. The taxi girls
bring their lunch.

La Lune, 800 Bourbon St., is one of the more popular spots of the French Quarter. The establishment is conducted in Mexican style, with Don Ramon and his orchestra furnishing music for dancing. Excellent Mexican dinners are served and tequila may be had. The club is open from9 P.M. to 6 A.M.

Monteleone Hotel Bar, located in the Monteleone Hotel at 214 Royal St., serves sandwiches and drinks. The specialty is the Vieux Carre Cocktail. The bar is open from 7 A.M. until midnight.

New Silver Slipper, 426 Bourbon St., has three floor shows nightly 11.30 P.M., 1.30 and 3 A.M.

Nut Club (Cafe de L Opera), 507 Bourbon St., open from 10 P.M. until 5 A.M., presents floor shows nightly at 1 and 3 A.M. Music is furnished by the Nut Club Ensemble, and dinner is served from 5 to 10 P.M.

Pat O Brien's, 638 St. Peter St., is at present one of the most popular of the small bars of the Quarter and on Saturday and holiday nights is apt to overflow with tipplers of every description.

Prima's Shim Sham Club, 229 Bourbon St., is open during the winter months from 10 P.M. to 5 A.M. There are three floor shows nightly, 11.30 P.M., 1.30 and 3.30 A.M.

Sloppy Jim's is located at 236 Royal St., just below the Monteleone Hotel. The specialty here is the Sloppy Jim Cocktail. A wide variety of other drinks is served. The bar is open from 9 A.M. until 12 P.M.

Also in the Vieux Carre, amid the somewhat distinctive atmosphere and odors of the French Market, are several Decatur Street hot spots whose names are perhaps indicative of the type of entertainment to be found. One is greeted by such names as the King Fish, where * Ya Man and his colored orchestra produce sizzling jazz, the Silver Moon, Guestella's, and Rudy's, the former names of which were Popeye's, the Rose Bowl, and Mama's Place, respectively. At these places the floor shows are marked by the utmost abandon, to say the least. Floor shows are at 11.30 P.M., 1.30 and 3 A.M.

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