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Old Faithful Inn,Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

There are several significant facts pertaining to Old Faithful Inn of which not the least is the name itself. The name is known. Millions of this world's inhabitants, some living as far removed as halfway around it, could instantly affirm: "Yes, Old Faithful Inn takes its name from Old Faithful Geyser alongside which it is built. " So, the Inn is named for one of the world's best known natural wonders and for that reason has become well known itself. However, its claim to fame is not entirely based on its namesake, it is a structure possessing a considerable reputation of its own. Thus, in the course of a conversation one participant may mention an indoors event and say, "Yes, that happened at Old Faithful." Such a remark will elicit no question, the others present recognizing that it is the building which is referred to and being able, either from personal visitation or from their store of common knowledge, to conjure a vision of the place.


Third Floor

Dining Room

Old Faithful Inn

Old Faithful Inn


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